Shes dating other guys

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Shes dating other guys - Sex Chat

I spoke to her and him and was very smooth about it, she asked me what I thought about him and wanted me to sit with them. Not that I'm jealous, I just don't feel I'm special in her eyes anymore. We text and talk everyday and I feel it is super awkward and I want to move on.j Query(document).ready(function ($) { $('html,body').scroll Top(1); $(window).scroll(function (){ var vid Title = 'Is it cheating?

But now she just told me she's been dating three other guys who actually live in her city. I don't compete with other men because I truly believe your greatest challenge is yourself. We like watch other and got out t of bad relationships. Anywho, I'm dating this woman and we known each other for years but lately we have been getting heavily flirty and all touchy with each other.I don't mind if she dates other people but I don't want to know or see it.I saw her today with another guy, and it made my heart dropped.So I'm talking to this girl and right away she told me she was talking to another guy and wanted to know if that bothered me.

I told her no because I wanted to keep talking to her.

She's told me that the other guy feels threatened by me and was surprised that I didn't seem threatened by him.

I never heard of such a thing, do people normally do this?

And isn't it something she should disclose from the beginning rather than keep it secret?

She said I'm the only one she loves, and she's only going to date them until I finally move over to her city (which I am next month).

But I don't understand why she would keep dating them if she only loved me.

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