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My female friends often tell me that I'm "too nice" and that I "need to be more confident", and I've realized that I'm kind of the typical "Nice Guy" in this regard (which is bad) but my issue isn't the "friendzone", there's just…zone.I believe in being open and honest with people, I don't try to manipulate women into liking me or having sex with me by playing head-games, but at the same time, I know I'm failing because I don't present any sort of challenge to them.

Boston Sex Club is a full-featured social network with over 100 members who have logged in during the last two weeks!Boston Sex Club is currently adding 20 to 30 photo-verified profiles per month.The first step in joining Boston Sex Club is to get a profile!New and old members please help spread the word about Boston Sex Club on Twitter, Casual Encounters, SLS, SDC, or your favorite Hookup Website or Swingers Website.Meanwhile, another reader wants to know: how do you keep a relationship casual when all you want's a friend with benefits?Hi Doc: I'm 25 years old and recently decided to get back into dating after taking a break for the past several months.

Dating is tough for me, but I know that if I change a few key things, I could be successful.

What I've noticed about my interactions with women is that while the conversations themselves aren't bad or awkward, they're very , and it seems like girls don't find me "psychologically" interesting - basically, they think I'm boring.

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This week, one reader is getting tired of being constantly told he's "too nice" to date - so how does one become more exciting to potential partners?

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    You need a bit of adventure, or someone who is more free spirited, or more social…as we develop different sides to ourselves we tend to look for people who are on that wavelength.

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