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It instantly runs the gamut of emotions as some clutch their pearls from the shock and others hyperventilate from laughter.

Actually, it’s still a bit surreal that we get to say that. Oddly enough, his acting skills didn’t show themselves as they often do.This was the first time I had met some of the Bud’s and certainly the first time “Jimmy” had been able to introduce me as his husband. More often than not he claimed deniable plausibility.However, there were the few classic moments where he used his finest New York expletives with studied articulation and timed down to the millisecond.He has a real talent for taking a party over the top with the perfectly projected fuck(ing) or goddamn. Yet, others find them a means to relive the best years of their lives. We picked a third date and a retirement threatened the confirmation but on April 13 we received the go sign and moved full speed ahead. Charles and his sweet wife Joy live in Byhalia where Charles is the president CLM Insurance.When the idea of a reunion for the Byhalia High School Class of 1965 to have a 50th reunion Brandt was less than enthusiastic. Charles played the role of historian and fact checker.

The majority of his closest friends were not in his class. I enjoy getting to know the friends and acquaintances from his life pre-Tim. Those that have moved away often had trouble recalling a location, family name or relation. The Bud delivering the story of the moment would hesitate and Charles would fill in the needed word or sometimes even complete the sentence.

Nevertheless, we orchestrated a class reunion last August and simultaneously strategized what became the Byhalia Bud’s Reunion. Without Charles, some of the Bud’s might have appeared more senior than they prefer to admit.

We had a second date and grandchildren interrupted. From the Byhalia High School High School Class of 1966…Charles Crain.

From the Byhalia High School Class of 1965…Jimmy Edwards.

Jimmy aka James Rufus, Rufus Crap, Rufe, Hollywood or as I call him Brandt lives Town and Country in Memphis and Byhalia.

He is Shipping Manager for KP Distribution and Operations Manager for Custom Link Manufacturing and is married to me.

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