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born August 21, 1979) better known mononymously as Kelis, is an American singer-songwriter and certified chef. Her third album, 2003's Tasty, earned the singer commercial prominence and produced the hit single "Milkshake", her most well-known song.

Kelis has been recognised at the Brit Awards, Q Awards, NME Awards, and Grammy Awards ceremonies.As a child, Kelis sang in church choirs and played violin, piano, and saxophone while attending Manhattan Country School, a private school.At the age of 13, Kelis shaved off all of her hair.In an interview with Charlotte Roche, Kelis says she was kicked out of her parents' house at the age of sixteen for bad behavior, stating that she would sometimes clash with her mother, but continued her education at the Fiorello H.La Guardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, where she formed the R&B trio BLU (Black Ladies United).Kelis was also a bartender and a sales associate at a clothing store before graduating high school.

Afterwards, a friend introduced Kelis to The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo); they formed a strong bond, and, with their support, she landed a record deal with Virgin Records.

Kelis began recording her debut album, Kaleidoscope, in mid-1998 and was finished within a year.

Her musical output, both as a lead and featured artist, encompasses various genres—she has collaborated with R&B and hip hop acts including Busta Rhymes and Clipse, electronic and dance producers such as Calvin Harris, Timo Maas, and Richard X, pop and rock acts Enrique Iglesias and No Doubt, and indie/alternative musicians including Björk and Dave Sitek.

She has sold six million records worldwide Kelis Rogers was born and raised in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City.

Her first name is a portmanteau of her father's name, Kenneth (1944–2000), and her mother's name, Eveliss.

Her father Kenneth was an African American jazz musician and Pentecostal minister, and was formerly a professor at Wesleyan University.

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